Catalyst Biosciences


Catalyst Biosciences is a clinical-stage company focused on the development of novel catalytic biopharmaceutical products based on engineered human proteases. Our portfolio of clinical and preclinical development-stage products addresses areas of high unmet need and multi-billion-dollar market opportunities in the orphan area of hemophilia and in complement-driven diseases such as dry AMD, as well as kidney and myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury in the surgical settings of transplant, coronary artery bypass grafting, myocardial infarction, and stroke.

Proteases are naturally occurring enzymes that cleave proteins to regulate a wide variety of biological processes. They play an important role in many signaling pathways and complex biological systems such as the complement and the blood-clotting cascades. Proteases are now well established as a class of drugs, with at least nine protease-based drugs currently on the global market generating over $5 billion in annual sales.

Protease-based therapeutics have many clear advantages over small molecules or antibodies for important classes of therapeutic targets and diseases. By virtue of their catalytic nature, proteases can be effective at concentrations much lower than that of their targets. This one-to-many, drug-to-target stoichiometry provides the potential for more durable, comprehensive efficacy in select disease settings than what is otherwise achievable with traditional therapeutic modalities.

Catalyst Biosciences has formed partnerships with several international pharmaceutical companies to develop and commercialize our engineered human proteases. Pfizer has completed a Phase 1 clinical trial of PF-05280602, an engineered, long-acting variant of human Factor VIIa developed by Catalyst. We recently formed a development alliance with South Korean biopharmaceutical company ISU Abxis to advance the development through the end of Phase 1 studies of Catalyst's next-generation Factor IX (FIX-NG CB 2679d) for bleeding in hemophilia B patients. Catalyst has retained commercial rights to the FIX-NG program outside of Korea.